Duality began as a passion project for photographer Shannyn Higgins. She wanted to explore the idea of taking a narrative out of context to see how an artist would respond to words, without knowing where they originated. To truly explore this concept, Shannyn decided to invite a diverse selection of 50 creatives into the experiment. This list of creatives factored in emerging and established as well as diversity in age, cultural and political backgrounds and artistic practice.

The writers include journalists, comedians, musicians, authors and poets, each sharing a sentence or a lyric from their notes books. The artists, including illustrators, fine art, street art, collage and cartoonists are provided with a blank sheet and a wax sealed envelope with their words. 

All is kept secret, even from the writers and artists who do not know who they are paired with, until opening night. 

In addition to producing this experiment, Shannyn created a behind the scene portrait series with a conversational and non styled feel about it. Not romanticising the spaces that we create in. Whether working from home with kids, shared houses or in studio's without heating and flickering fluro's.  Each shoot took place over a cup of coffee, using available light and a 50mm lens.


It's a beautiful collaboration and gives you all the feels.

Having explore this concept in Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia, Shannyn has documented 150 creatives and intends to continue this body of work around the world.
After a very big nap, post Melbourne opening of course. 

Duality is self funded and created with love. It could not have been accomplished without the support and contribution of all the talented writers and visual artists. 

A huge thank you to Kendall Munns for all of the publicity guidance and support with getting the Duality word out there. Justin Pedler for all of the design elements, Marieke Hardy at Melbourne Writers Festival for being a force to reckon with and Nicole Evans and Erica Wilk for all the general good vibes. 

Sponsors shout out to Luke at House of Print, Apparition Media and the team at the Rialto Towers.